"Dr. Wu is a great dentist; he took so much care and effort in removing my wisdom teeth, being cautious not to injure the nerves or cause any unnecessary damage. One of the teeth were greatly impacted in my lower jaw, with roots wrapping around a nerve, so it was a tricky and potentially dangerous procedure; damaged nerves could cause permanent facial paralysis, so great care had to be taken. From what I know, many dentist prefer to knock their patients out during extractions like this, or other extensive surgeries. This allows them to dislocate the patient's jaws, giving them more working room, speeding up the procedure to jump to the next patient. One of the down sides to dislocating the jaw is potential joint damage, leaving chipmunk-like swollen cheeks for many days. The other more serious issue is that a completely knocked out patient cannot signal the dentist of any problems or issues.  The dentist would not be able know if there was any nerve damage, due to the patient being unable to respond. From my research, the best practices are to have the patient awake and responsive during the surgery. Dr. Wu doesn't usually knock patients out, unless it is absolutely necessary, so I was conscious throughout the entire lengthy procedure.  That was not by any means pleasurable experience, but I am extremely glad I did.  There were only a few minor cuts and stitches needed, and I was completely healed up in about one week or so. With my wisdom teeth removed, I can now eat chewy foods again without cringing in pain, so a big steak was my reward as soon as I could eat again." - Paul L. of San Gabriel [12/26/2013]

"I like Dr. Wu. I'm one of those patients who always like to be in the know about my health etc, and he always answers my questions in a way I can understand. The best thing about Dr. Wu, he's very gentle and takes his time. I referred my cousin and her daughter and they prefer him over her pediatric dentist. Now all of my family members go here. Clean, bright place. Friendly, but quiet staff. I did try other places, but I just felt like the next one in line. One thing I admired, and this is what my mom told me years ago, he used to do some pro bono jobs for the homeless." - Kim B. of West Covina [11/21/2011]

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